Rated 10 Out of 10

TRUEplus® Single-Use Insulin Syringes are backed by a 10 out of 10 rating in laboratory testing*, and are an affordable, quality solution to promote compliance and safety.


  • Quality needles, no burrs or surface imperfections
  • Silicone-coated
  • Available in a variety of gauges and sizes for greater comfort


  • Sterile, UNIBODY-one piece needle and syringe
  • Stainless steel needle
  • Safety cap
  • Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic


  • Transparent barrel with large, legible, easy-to-read dose lines
  • Flange for easier dosage dispensing
Instructions for use:
1. Expose plunger by removing large orange cap.
2. Expose needle by removing small orange cap, being careful to pull it off straight so as not to bend the needle.
3. To measure correct dosage, align plunger tip with the dosage mark on the side of the syringe.
4. USE ONLY ONCE. Properly dispose of syringe in appropriate sharps container.

Do not use if needle is bent.

WARNING: For patients who mix two types of insulin, do not change:
1. The order of mixing that the physician prescribed.
2. The model and brand of the syringe or needle without first consulting your physician or pharmacist.
Failure to heed this warning may lead to dosage error.

TRUEplus® Single-Use Insulin Syringes

TRUEplus® Syringes bring the same quality you’ve come to expect from the TRUE brand products. According to a recent quality study, TRUEplus® Syringes deliver comparable quality, comfort, and ease-of-use to the leading national brands.*

Check the drug information sheet or contact the drug manufacturer for recommended storage and use of your medicine. To avoid clogging and/or contamination of the syringe needle, please DO NOT store medicine inside the syringe.


Helpful Resources

* Technically Advanced Quality Assurance Evaluation Report, conducted by UL-STR, 2013. TRUEplus® Single-Use Insulin Syringes (28- and 31-gauge) received a top score of 10 out of 10 and were rated comparable to same-gauge syringes from BD, Monoject, and Ulticare.